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Finance your business equipment with a leasing program customized to fit your needs! With our simple, one-page application, we can provide fast, flexible financing to make getting new or used equipment easier than ever.
Get Pre Approved with our lease application.  Please download and fill out the form completely on the document. You can then save the document and email it to: sales@taylorus.com

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Do you want to offer your guests soft serve ice cream, frozen drinks, or fresh squeezed orange juice?   Not sure if it’s right for you?  Then this is the ideal way to try it… We offer you the opportunity to rent the equipment for 12 months. Rental includes delivery, installation, startup, training, and bumper to bumper service coverage.  What are you waiting for… Contact us today for more information


Reduce Down Time & Costly Repair Bills It is recommended by the manufacturer to periodically replace all wear items. “Mr. Taylor” Tune up Kits are available and include such items as O-rings, gaskets, and bearings. These particular items should be replaced every three months. If your Taylor machine is equipped with plastic blades, they too should be replaced every three months. Metal scraper blades and cleaning brushes should be replaced every six months and belts once a year.   To enroll or get more information, simply fill out our online form here and submit.


Cooking – Would you like a faster easier way to consistently cook any product regardless of who is running the grill?  Ensure your customers product safety, quality, and consistency, while cutting cooking time by two-thirds, with the automated two-sided Crown series grills.


Taylor Ultimate, is always here to provide improvement ideas for your business, to generate more revenue.  We are happy to assist clients in a variety of ways.  Click here and fill out our form and provide as many details as possible about your business goals.   We look forward to helping you r business grow…


Frozen Dessert – Instantly grow sales per customer, and enhance the customer experience through menu diversification, by offering a wide variety of frozen desserts; complementary to any meal.